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RFR Episode List and RFR Song List

Here is a List of ALL Your Favorite RFR Epsiodes

Season 1
1.The Power of Radio
2.On The Air
3.About a Girl
4.Radio Wars
5.Clark Kent
6.I Am Question Mark
7.Political in Pink
8.The Imposter
9.Detention Redemption
10.Crush Me
11.My Pal Pronto
12.Call of the Cougar
13.Sports Ray-dio
14.Count on Me
15.Girl Talk Radio
16.Written in the Stars
17.How to Lose a Girl (1)
18.How to Lose a Girl (2)
19.This Just In
21.Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance
22.The Boxer
23.Bad Boy
24.More Than a Single
25.The Awful Truth
26.All of Nothing
Season 2
27.You Choose,You Lose
28.A Class, A Semester, A Lifetime
29.One Steps Foward, Two Step Back
30.These Bossy Boots are Made for Walking
31.Scheming and Dreaming
32.Lie vs. Lie
33.Bridget Over Troubled Water
34.I'm With Cupid
35.You've Get E-mail
36.Riber Deep,Roscoe High
37.Lil' and Grace
38.Daddy Dearest
39.There Will Be No Encore
40.Unbreak My Heart
41.We'll Always Have Roscoe
42.Musical Indluences
43.Rah,Rah Revenge
44.On a Wingman and a Prayer
45.The All-Nighter
46.In the Key of F
47.Stand Up and Deliver
48.In Charms Way
49.Truth or Conquests
50.The Twews About Rock and Roll
51.Dance Around the Truth
52.The Last Dance

Utill Next Time

RFR Song List

+ power of radio
* ??????
[Robbie, Ray, and Lily meet up at the cafeteria]
* Taken - The Getaway 
[transition scene, cut to Robbie listening to Lily's new song]
* Hopeless - The Candidates 
[the gang at the warehouse; Robbie looks for a radio station]
* Coldplay - In My Place
[Robbie and Ray comfort Lily after she bombs her performance]
* Lunatic - One Drop
[Robbie's first day on Cougar Radio]
* The Situation - Knacker
[Robbie and Travis talks about starting their own radio station]

+ on the air
* Da M Pire - Knightz of Bass
[transition scene, cut to the gang at the cafeteria]
* Alive - The Beastie Boys
[Travis makes a donkey]
* Venus - The High Planets
[the gang prepares for their broadcast]
* Skies So Blue - The Rocket Summer
[the gang screws up the show]
* Hollywood Sound - Bluepocket
[the gang talks about secret identities and "real" radio]
* Can't Stop - The Red Hot Chili Peppers
[RFR finally gets it right]

+ about a girl
* Just a Song - River City High
[Lily tells Travis that she's doing "secret girl stuff" with Audrey]
* Sometimes - Bodega
[Audrey's favorite song]
* Starstruck - Yellowcard
[Girltalk in Lily's room]
* Right Before My Eyes - The Snitches
[Lily wears a dress to school]
* First Bell - Sixty Stories
[Ray embarrasses Lily in front of Lee Johns]
* Pocket Rocket - Galore
[transition scene, cut to Ray and Lily arguing on the air]
* The Anthem - Good Charlotte
[transition scene]
* Keep Running Away - Elise Besler
[Lily on a date with Lee Johns]

+ radio wars
* Life of the Party - The Planet Smashers
[the gang makes fun of Kim on air; Lily swaggers down the hall]
* The Anthem - Good Charlotte
[transition scene, cut to Ray spraying whipped cream on a cookie]
* Fully Aware, Fully Prepared - The Pettit Project
[Ray begins to feel regret]
* Looking for Direction - Subb
[Ray lies about his "reliable source"]
* Hella Good - No Doubt
[transition scene, cut to Kim feeling nervous that she's been ratted out]
* Movin' Up - Mike Church
[the gang sends kim the e-mail]

+ clark kent
* Talkin' About - Vibrolux
[Travis and Robbie talk about Judy by their lockers]
* Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
[Robbie picks Judy to be his partner]
* Good Enough - KiD GiB
[The RFR boys talk about Judy; scenes of the outside]
* Get Free - The Vines
[Robbie and Lily talk about Judy]
* Record Spins - Flux A.D.
[Robbie and Judy tango in the classroom]
* (Used) To Be Alone - The Pettit Project
[Travis, Ray and Robbie at the station before RFR]
* Lost and Found - Botanic 
[Lily argues with Robbie that he's risking RFR]
* Aliens (Manchester '66) - Girl Nobody
[Lily is offended by Ray's present; Robbie gets turned down]
* Wish You Were Here - Incubus
[Ray and Robbie talk; Jumpy Jr. is alive]

+ i am question mark
* No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age
[transition scene, cut to Ray playing with Lily's guitar]
* Walk Out - Knacker
[Lily decides to start a petition to stop the ban on headphones]
* Easily Pleased - Botanic
[Mickey tells Robbie about "Danger Man"]
* Last Night - The Strokes
[Lily tries to get people to sign her petition]
* My World - Hutch
[Mickey and Waller talking]

+ political in pink
* Times Like These - Foo Fighters
[Lily states her opinion in the cafetria]
* ??????
[song playing during the Think Pink montage]
* Motivation - Sum41
[scene after Jennifer calls]
* Victoria - 11 Minutes Away 
["Get riled up to vote" music, played after Jennifer dissed Lily on-air]
*Far Away - Knacker
[Travis and Lily talk on the bleachers]

+ the imposter
* Bring Your Laughter - Elise Besler
[the crew leaves Travis at the station]
* Boiled Powerade - The Getaway
[People tell each other about the dance through word of mouth]
* Ready, Steady, Go - Paul Oakenfold
[Travis mixes alone in the station]
* Letters from Japan - Flux A.D.
[Ray arrives late at the station with CDs]
* Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
[Travis tells the gang that he's leaving]
* Horizon - Botanic
[Ray and Robbie in the warehouse party]
* Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
[People start dancing]
* Boom Boom - Flavor Lab
[end of episode, Travis mixing at the station]

+ detention redemption
* Fear of Heights - Flux A.D.
[Crew at the warehouse after RFR]
* Swivel It - Dead Beat Radicals
[Robbie goes on his 'mission' to the bathroom]
* Movin' Up - Mike Church
[Lily and Ray in the janitor's closet; Robbie and Travis look for their friends]
* Girlfriend - Knacker
[Travis fixes the walkie-talkie; Maggie distracts Waller]
* Fear of Heights - Flux A.D.
[Maggie asks Lily how things work out with Ray]

+ crush me
* Someday - The Strokes
[Scenes of the outside]
* Carnival - We Start Fires
[Lily looks for guitar lessons at Mickey's]
* Pleased to Meet You - The Carnations
[Robbie tries to get Travis to admit he was cheating]
* On My Own - Shyne Factory
[Lily leaves RFR for guitar lessons]
* BB64 - Mike Church
[Travis and Robbie arm-wrestle at Mickey's]
* Shelter - Barfly
[Shady Lane dedicates a song to Jack; Lily shows Ray the present]
* Hopeless - The Candidates
[Scene of the RFR warehouse]
* I've Done it Wrong Again - Paper Moon
[Lily with her lone muffin and Ray brings her flicorice]
* Bring Me Down - Shyne Factory
[Travis and Robbie have a rematch]
* I Feel So - Box Car Racer
[Robbie demands that his mic gets turned back on]

+ my pal pronto
* Pocket Rocket - Galore
[Travis dials Lily's number]
* We're the Cause of Everything - Tenth Planet
[Father and son talk in Ray's bedroom]
* The Words I Hear - Decibel Beads
[transition scene; cut to the gang at Mickey's talking about Ray]
* Change - The Planet Smashers
[Scenes where Ray is a boarder]
* National Anthem - National Anthem
[Shady dedicates a song to Pronto]
* Good Enough - KiD GiB
[Ray calls Robbie and Lily]
* The Rookie Year - Brandtson
[transition scene; Father and son talk in the kitchen]

+ call of the cougar
* The History of Punctuation - Paper Moon
[Lily's soundtrack of her love life]
* Only Dreaming - Sterling
[Robbie and Lily talk about her crush]
* This Heart of Mine - The Red Hot Valentines
[Robbie tells Travis he has feelings for Lily]
* Love is Blind - Elise Besler
[Lily's 'best makeout song ever']

+ sports ray-dio
* Slimboy Fat - One Drop
[Robbie and Ray at the basketball court?]
* Cameras Everywhere - The Carnations
[The whole RFR crew waiting for Ray]
* Hey Hey - The Carnations
[Ray apologizing to the gang]
* Today is the Day - KiD GiB
[Scenes where Ray is wearing his new Cougar Radio jacket]
* Surfin in Tofino - The Planet Smashers
[Robbie and Ray argue about Ray leaving RFR]
* Limpin Bizkit - One Drop
[Ray complains about the Cougar basketball team on air]
* La Breeze - Simian
[Lily lies to Travis about his segments]
* Safe (In the Nick of Time) - Knacker
[Todd tells Ray that they were never friends]
* Business at Hands - Vibrolux
[Ray returns to RFR; Travis learns the truth about his segments]

+ count on me
* The Kelly Affair - Go Robot Go!
[Travis announces the RFR auction]
* Midnight - The Getaway
[Kim and Robbie argue]
* Not the Same - Knacker
[Ray finally wins the pony]
* You and I - Bluepocket
[Robbie and Kim bid on the shirt]
* Trouble - Coldplay
[Kim begins to cry]
* Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake
[Travis wants the green vase]

+ girl talk radio
* You Not Doin Nothin - Mike Church
[The gang furtively put up a poster]
* I've Got Spies - The Carnations
[Ray plays the guitar while Robbie plays the drums]
* My Decision - The Planet Smashers
[Ray and Lily congratulate Travis on Miss C.]
* Made in the Shade - Vibrolux
[Travis and Lily have a discussion at Mickey's]
* Fabricated - The Planet Smashers
[Travis and Lily talk by his locker]
* You - Beautiful
[All three boys at the RFR warehouse]

+ how to lose a girl (part one)
* I Need Someone - The Carnations
[transition scene; the love song according to Lily Randall]
* I Fly - Mark Taylor
[Ray asking Lily for a makeover]
* Sheila's Sister - Spy51
[Makeover session with Audrey]
* All I Really Want - The Premiums
[Ray showing up to school with his new look]
* Done Up Right - Elise Besler
[Ray and Lily's pseudo-date at Mickey's]
* I'm Not Sorry - Shyne Factory
[Lily realizes she likes Ray]
* Remember Me - Paper Moon
[Scenes of Ray and Veronica together]
* For Miles in Denial - The Pettit Project
[RFR start to get complaints about Radio Hut]
* Greater Heights - Motion Soundtrack
[Lily interrupts Ray's date with Veronica]
* I'm Not Sorry - Shyne Factory
[Ray leaves the werehouse to be with Veronica]

+ written in the stars
* Sunshine - Dead Beat Radicals
[Lily tries out new activities with Ray as her stalker]
* S.T.A.Y. - Sekiden
[Travis and Audrey conversation at Mickey's]
* Araby - Bluescreen
[Girltalk in Lily's room]
* Pleased to Meet You - The Carnations
[Travis asks Audrey out]
* Work That Thing - The Black Europeans
[Ray poses-o-natural]
* Araby - Bluescreen
[Audrey gets stood up]
* I + I = Heartache - Sekiden
[The RFR crew at Ray's locker]
* Perfect Speed - The High Planets
[Travis leaves to talk to Audrey]

+ how to lose a girl (part two)
* The Other Side of Love - Bodega
[Ray takes off early to be with Veronica]
* Get it Together - Danny K
[Ray plays a "party" song on-air]
* Yeah We Got It - Go Robot Go!
[Travis and Lily talk to Ray about Veronica]
* Don't Let it Fade - Sunday's Best
[Ray tries to have a serious talk with Veronica]
* Movie Stars and Super Models - The Rocket Summer
[Shady Lane's "softer landing" approach]
* Daylight Saving - Subb
[Robbie and Travis work on their science project]
* The Moment - Shyne Factory
[Ray and Lily kiss]
* Answering Machine - Sekiden
[Ray and Lily talk at the warehouse]

+ this just in
* The Double Life - Rainer Maria
[transition scene; cut to Lily getting a D on her physics test]
[transition scene; cut to Travis dissing "Happy People, Happy Planet"]
* Anthem - Shannon Facyn
[Ed, Ted, and Lily in Lily's room]
* Burning - Botanic
[Scenes of Ed and Ted tutoring Lily in physics]

+ gossip
* Warning - Green Day
[transition scene; cut to Robbie and Ray horseplaying in the halls]
* Why Can't I - Liz Phair
[Waller and Ms. Mitchell talking]
* All Men Fear Women - The Planet Smashers
[scenes of Waller jonesin' after Ms. Mitchell]
* Pinball Summer - Sekiden
[Kim calls RFR]
* Start it Over - Shyne Factory
[Robbie realizes that it's Kim who's been calling the station]
* It's On - The Black Europeans
[Waller at Mickey's looking for wire taps]
* Wait for Summer - The Red Hot Valentines
[The gang goes after Ray]
* Easily - The High Planets
[Waller's "date" with Ms. Mitchell]

+ zen and the art of bicycle maintenance
* Deceptive - Subb
[Robbie and Ray riding their bikes together]
* ??????
[Robbie and Travis stay behind to listen to some sound effects]
* ??????
[Ray, Lily, and Beth at Mickey's]
* Get Away From Me - Mike's Sister
[Ray asks Robbie for forgiveness]
* All Over Town - Beautiful 2000
[Travis takes a picture of Lily; Lily finds Travis' passport]
* Running Away - Hoobastank
[Vittorio calls Ray's cellphone]
* [Travis and Lily argue about the surprise birthday party]

+ the boxer
* My World - Hutch
[Kim and Robbie talking at Mickey's about the Cougar Radio calendars]
* Ain't No Trip To Cleveland - Brandtson
[Scenes of Travis and Waller in History class]
* Anthem - Shannon Facyn
[Kim gets mad at Robbie for selling the Cougar Radio calendars as dartboards]

+ bad boy
* Out to Get Us - National Anthem
[transition scene; cut to Robbie at the warehouse complaining about the "model student" video]
* Payoff - The Black Europeans
[Robbie meets Syd at the A/V room]
* Better Off Without You - 11 Minutes Away
[Robbie and Syd start tagging on a Cougar poster]
* Do You - Sister Someone 
[Syd kisses Robbie on the cheek]
* Best Days of Our Lives - The Premiums
[Robbie and Syd at Mickey's; students watching Robbie's video diary at the cafeteria]
* Lauryn's Groove - The Black Europeans
[Lily talks about belief systems on-air]

+ more than a single
* Guest List - Brandtson
[Lily gets mad at Robbie for urging Shady Lane to make a new single]
* Get Away From Me - Mike's Sister
[The gang confronts Robbie about being late]
* Randy Anderson - Imperial Public Library
[Lily's single becomes a hit]
* Pet Song - Young Ideas
[Ray and Audrey talk about Travis and Lily ]
* Record Collector - Planet Smashers
[Lily's single goes on sale at Mickey's]

+ the awful truth
* ?????? 
[Lily confronts Travis about the kiss]
* All Over Town - Beautiful 2000
[Robbie subtly confronts Travis about Lily]
* Love Is Blind - Elise Besler
[Lily and Audrey talk about Travis]
* Far Away - Knacker
[Travis asks Lily about her conversation with Audrey]
* BNE - Sekiden
[Travis admits to Ray that he kissed Lily]
* The Awful Truth - Rainer Maria
[Robbie, Ray, Lily, and Travis part ways]

+ all or nothing
* ?????? 
[Lily and Ray talk at the cafeteria]
* With Friends Like You - Brandtson
[Travis gets in a fight at the cafeteria; Lily and Ray throw pebbles outside the warehouse; Travis and Audrey break up]
* ?????? 
[Lily admits to Audrey that she kissed Travis]
* The Situation - Knacker
[Travis and Lily move in for another kiss]

+ you choose, you lose
* ?????? 
[Ray confirms the color of Lily's eyes]
* Just Like Everybody Else - Beautiful 2000
[Lily looks at pictures; Travis and Ray have a chat]
* ?????? 
[Robbie and Kim talk at Mickey's]
* Walking Around Waiting Downtown - Reverie Sound Revue
[Ray and Lily get ready for their date]
* ?????? 
[Ray and Lily have dinner]
* ?????? 
[Travis and Robbie at Mickey's]
* ?????? 
[Ray and Travis both decide to pursue Lily]

+ a class, a grade, a lifetime
* The Romance In Dying Young - Bluepocket
[Ray looks over Travis' list of rules]
* ?????? 
[Lily waits for Audrey at Mickey's]
* Power Theme - The Front
[Audrey and her friends make fun of Parker's dancing]
* Whatever - The Yoko Casionos
[Parker does her class presentation]
* ?????? 
[Travis and the gang discuss irony]
* Let Go of the Bad Days - The Salteens
[Lily finally decides to part ways with Audrey]
* Whatever - The Yoko Casionos
[Parker and Lily play air guitar]

+ one steps forward, two step back
* Finish What You Started - Avery
[Travis, Lily, and Ray discuss open mic night]
* My Best - Girl Nobody
[Robbie hands Kim a note]
* ?????? 
[Ray talks to Lily about monkeys]
* Check Your Messages - The Meligrove Band 
[The Meligrove Band performs at Mickey's]
* Radio Unfriendly - The Yoko Casionos
[Kim dedicates a song to Lily]

+ these bossy boots were made for walking
* 3 Cheers 4 Me - The Pettit Project
[Lily punches Ray for making fun of her arms; Lily, Ray, and Travis at the station]
* 99 Lives - The Pettit Project
[Travis makes a phone call; The Pettit Project performs on-stage]
* Used (To Be Alone) - The Pettit Project
[Travis and Lily come up with interview questions; Kim gets bossy with her crew]
* Maybe - N.E.R.D.
[The Pettit Project decides to help Ray; Kim cancels the dance]
* Fully Aware, Fully Prepared - The Pettit Project
[Closing credits]

+ scheming and dreaming
* Finish What You Started - Avery
[transition scene; cut to the gang at the station during an RFR broadcast]
* Inside - Flipswitch 
[Robbie and River have a chat at Mickey's]
* Deceptive - Subb
[Robbie asks River for some "teacher" advice]
* ?????? 
[Robbie and Lily talk outside of Mickey's]
* ??????
[Robbie gets ready to introduce the real River Pierce to Cougar listeners]
* Finish What You Started - Avery
[The gang hangs out at Mickey's; Lily chats with River Pierce]

+ lie vs. lie
* ?????? 
[The gang talks about The Flaming Lips; Ed and Ted call in from the dog show]
* Nice to Meet You - Yoko Casionos
[Parker and Lily play truth or dare]
* Lethal Lipgloss - Riff Randells
[Parker and Lily play dress-up]
* Alexander - Sekiden
[Lily and Ray at Mickey's talking about the Flaming Lips concert]
* ?????? 
[Lily dares Ray to trust her again]
* Lethal Lipgloss - Riff Randells
[Ray, Lily, and Parker do kung-fu moves]

+ bridget over troubled water
* A song by Fast & Dirty (?)
[Robbie and Lily play "Pop Goes That Quiz"]
* Please Wait Up For me - Sherwood
[The gang asks Travis about Bridget]
* ?????? 
[Travis performs the "disappearing egg" trick]
* My Cat's Bum (originally titled "My Cat's Ass") - Fast & Dirty
[Question Mark dedicates a song to the fans and former fans of Fast & Dirty]
* You - Fast & Dirty
[Lily and Robbie study at Lily's room; Fast & Dirty perform at Mickey's]
* Jazz - Fast & Dirty
[Fast & Dirty perform at Mickey's]

+ i'm with cupid
* Somebody Told Me - The Killers
[Ray plans to play Cupid]
* One Marathon - Reverie Sound Revue
[Lily and Bridget talk at the cafeteria]
* The Colour and the Gold - Maplewood Lane
[Ray dedicates a song to Bridget and claims that it was from Travis]
* No Words to Say - Maplewood Lane
[Travis admits to Bridget that the dedication wasn't from him]
* ?????? 
[Scenes of the gang walking down the street and hanging out in the playground]
* ?????? 
[Robbie and Kim talk outside of Mickey's]
* One Marathon - Reverie Sound Revue
[Travis and Bridget kiss]

+ you got email
* Tide - Flipswitch
[Robbie and Travis try to discourage Ray from joining the Mr. Roscoe Pageant]
* Anthem - Shannon Facyn
[Robbie asks Kim why she's rooting for River Pierce]
* In The Meantime - The Dirtmitts
[Parker makes costume arrangements for Ray; Lily tries desperately to search for a band name]
* Mirror Mirror - Jets Overhead
[Travis gives Ray a pep talk; Robbie and River pass each other in the halls]
* What's A Boy To Do - The 6ixty8ights
[Scenes of the Mr. Roscoe Pageant]
* ?????? 
[Lily tells Ray that he embarrassed her]
* Ordinary - Sinclaire
[Parker talks to Lily about her harsh reaction towards Ray's poem]
* The Secret Weapon - Sinclaire
[Ray wears the Mr. Roscoe crown; Megan comes up with a band name]
* The Dirtmitts - In the Meantime
[Closing credits]

+ river deep, roscoe high
* All You Get - Red Hot Valentines
[Lily tries to make flirty banter with Ray]
* Pump It Up - Joe Budden
[Students scamper off the cafeteria to donate blood]
* I'll See That You Aren't Woken Up - Sherwood
[Travis works on a love letter for Bridget]
* This Could Take Forever - Kiddo
[Ray cancels on Lily]
* ?????? 
[Ray and Travis ask Lily for girl-advice instead of asking her about her Soundwave gig]
* I'll See That You Aren't Woken Up - Sherwood
[Lily finally loses it in front of Ray and Travis]
* This Could Take Forever - Kiddo
[Closing credits]

+ lil and grace
* Front and Center - Avery
[Lily sets Ray up for a "double date"]
* Taken - The Getaway
[Robbie and Travis drink bubble tea]
* ?????? 
[Robbie gets irritated at Lily after the "He Talks, She Talks" segment]
* S T A Y - Sekiden
[Lily finds a date for Ray at the last minute]
* Meligrove Band - Monkey Mask 
[Travis confesses to Robbie that he's never done karaoke; Lily introduces Ray to Grace]
* Heartbreaker - Riff Randells
[Scenes or Ray and Lily's "double date"]
* ?????? 
[Lily and Mark talk outside Mickey's]
* Heartbreaker - Riff Randells
[Closing Credits]

+ daddy dearest
* My Best - Girl Nobody
[Scenes of the gang by the railroad tracks]
* Between the Lines - Billy and the Lost Boys
[Lily helps Robbie with his tie]
* They - Jem
[Lily desperately tries to write a song]
* ?????? 
[Travis agrees to help Lily with her song writing]
* I've Done It Wrong Again - Paper Moon
[Travis and Lily write a song about "My Dog Boo"]
* The Girlfriend Sweater - Sinclaire
[Ray and Grace play thumb wrestling; Lily rips off someone else's song]

+ there will be no encore
* Not Ready To Go - The Trews
[Travis leaves the RFR broadcast early to meet with Bridget]
* I Came Late To The Party - Stirling
[Travis and Bridget hang out at Mickey's]
* ?????? 
[Ray admits to Lily that he's afraid to kiss Grace because he might not hear the phone ring]
* What's A Boy To Do - The 6ixty8ights
[The 68's perform onstage]
* I Came Late To The Party - Stirling
[Stirling performs onstage; Kim runs off to River after a serious talk with Robbie; Travis and Bridget break up]

+ unbreak my heart
* Power Theme - The Front
[Kim has a verbal spat with Robbie]
* Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram
[Travis and Lily rip down posters]
* Fleeting Trust - The Trews
[Ray and Lily talk about Grace]
* Get Me The Rock Outta Here - The Pettit Project
[Robbie and Parker watch Kim and River flirt with each other]
* Still Frame - Trapt
[Waller tells Robbie to scrub the windows]
* Out of Reach - The Victory Year
[Robbie walks out of a broadcast; Travis and Lily hang out on the couch]
* Letter Home - Sinclaire
[Students go on a strike; Robbie and Kim try to meet halfway]
* 1+1=heartache - Sekiden
[Ray tries to ask Grace if she's his girlfriend]
* Power Theme - The Front
[Parker asks Robbie about Kim; Ray introduces Grace as his girlfriend]
* Out of Reach - The Victory Year
[The gang talk about relationships; Travis and Lily kiss]

+ we'll always have roscoe
* Rip the Universe - Reverie Sound Revue 
[Travis and Lily study for Math]
* No Regrets - The Yoko Casionos
[Scenes of the gang at the station]
* Morning - Worship Detach
[Robbie and Kim kiss outside of Mickey's]
* Finding Spaces - Maplewood Lane
[Lily and Parker talk by the lockers; Robbie finds out that Kim is leaving for Paris; Ray realizes that Robbie likes Kim]
* ?????? 
[Ray "reveals" to the gang that Robbie is in love with Kim]
* ?????? 
[Robbie runs to find Kim; Ray calls Dr. Carlisle at the hospital]
* Everything Goes Away - Careless
[Robbie and Kim say goodbye]

+ musical influences
* Heartbreaker - Riff Randells
[Lily sees Jackson for the first time]
* ?????? 
[Ray and Grace talk about Frankenstein]
* You're So Sober - The Trews
[Scenes of Jackson with No Man's Land; Ray attempts to draw]
* ?????? 
[Ray shows Robbie his drawing book]
* Countdown - Sixty Stories
[Grace tells Ray that she got a B on her project; Lily apologizes to Travis, Parker, and Megan]

+ rah rah revenge
* Nice To Meet You - The Yoko Casionos
[Audrey tells Lily about the cheerleading tryouts]
* ?????? 
[Robbie rambles on about River's self-glorification]
* Front and Center - Avery
[Cheerleading tryouts]
* Getaway - Mike's Sister
[Transition scene; cut to Robbie badmouthing River yet again]
* Sherwood - Under A Lamp
[Robbie's "Top Ten Reasons Why River Pierce Sucks"]

+ on a wingman and a prayer
* Modern Love - The Premiums
[Lily prepares to go on Cougar Radio; Ray aks Travis to go on a double date]
* Best Days of our Lives - The Premiums
[Ray and Travis on a double date with Grace and Nicole]
* ?????? 
[Lily tells Robbie that she's steering clear of River Pierce]
* ?????? 
[Travis gives Ray the "booger" signal] 
* Waiting For You - Kalgren
[Robbie confronts River about Lily]
* Modern Love - The Premiums
[Ray invites Parker to hang out with him and Travis; The Premiums perform onstage]
* My Little Birdie - The Nice Device 
[Lily hands a demo CD to The Premiums; Ray watches Travis and Parker from the window]

+ the all-nighter
* ?????? 
[The gang play innie-meanie-miney-moe]
* Radio Unfriendly - The Yoko Casionos
[Travis and Parker meet up outside Mickey's]
* Not Ready To Go - The Trews
[Robbie snatches away the time capsule; Travis and Parker play 20 Questions]
* Confessions - The Trews
[Robbie and Ray argue about telling Lily their secret; Travis and Parker play "Lie to Me"]
* ??????
[Question Mark plays a "sleepy-nappy" music]
* Maybe Someday - Avery
[Robbie and Ray chase after Winston Harrington]
* All Over Town - Beautiful 2000
[Travis and Parker hold hands at school]

+ in the key of F
* C'mon - Riff Randells
[Transition scene; Cut to Robbie and Lily talking outside of the warehouse]
* Tomorow - The Salteens
[Parker and Travis go on a date; Ray waits tables at Mickey's]
* Everything - Stirling
[Transition scene; Cut to the gang talking about unfair grades on-air]
* ?????? 
[Ray gets "fired" for the first time; Travis and Parker meditate]
* No One's Fool - Easily Amused
[Grace catches Ray working at Mickey's]

+ stand up and deliver
* The Summer Sends Its Love - Sherwood
[Parker talks about writing her first song; Tim makes fun of Ray in front of Grace]
* This Could Take Forever - Kiddo
[The gang encourages Ray to stand up to Tim]
* Take-Out - Jets Overhead
[Lily tells Robbie that Parker's song isn't any good]
* Shine - Careless
[Lily and Robbie talk about the Beatles]
* ??????
[Lily makes it clear that she's the "leader" of the band; Travis tells Ray that he's done enough]
* Wildwood Drive - Maplewood Lane
[Robbie admits that he was protective of RFR; Travis encourages Ray to find a new target]
* Take-Out - Jets Overhead
[closing credits]

+ in charm's way
* ??????
[Students reading The Oracle]
* Make It A Zero - Brandtson
[Robbie talks to Travis about the downside of being anonymous; River and Lily go on a date]
* The Rookie Year - Brandtson
[The gang talks about the dangers of charisma]
* ??????
[Ray watches River and Lily flirt with each other]
* Passes and Passports - Reverie Sound Revue
[Blaire tells Robbie that she liked his article; Ray tries to talk to Lily during her date with River]
* The Rookie Year - Brandtson
[Travis tells Ray that they can't always protect their friends; closing credits]

+ truth or conquests
* ??????
[The guys talk about Lily's relationship with River]
* ??????
[Parker and Lily eat chocolate pudding; Robbie tells Ray about his health article]
* ??????
[Ray disrupts River and Lily's date, much to Grace's annoyance]
* ??????
[Ray tells Travis that River and Lily are sleeping together]
* ??????
[The rumor starts to spread]
* Love Me Perfectly - Subb
[Lily finds out about the rumor; Ray implies that it was River who's been spreading it around]
* Catastrophe - The Dirtmitts
[Ray tells Lily that it was him who started the rumor]
* ??????
[The gang reads Robbie's front page article; River and Lily reconcile]

+ dance around the truth
* Ordinary - Sinclaire
[River gives Lily a necklace]
* My New Favorite Love Song - Perfect Nobodies
[transition scene; cut to the gang talking about Cupid]
* ??????
[Ray and Lily talk about first loves; Ray gives Grace a necklace]
* All You Get - Red Hot Valentines
[Travis tells Parker that he's not going to the dance with her]
* Morning Worship - Detach
[Robbie tells Parker about Travis' phone call from Hong Kong]
* Jigsaw - Sekiden 
[Grace asks Lily to double date with her and Ray]
* Turn Up the Dark - Stirling
[Travis tells the gang that he's moving back to Hong Kong]
* ??????
[Lily calls Parker; Robbie tells Lily to give River a chance]
* Only A Girl - Easily Amused
[Travis tells Parker that he lied about Bridget / Ray and Grace break up]
* All Need Love - Easily Amused
[Robbie and Kim embrace; Travis and Parker dance; River and Lily rock out; Ray alone]

+ the last dance
* Waiting For You - Kalgren
[Ray and Lily play "swish wish"]
* ??????
[The gang discuss their summer plans; Kim tells Robbie about "Jade"]
* ??????
[River tells Lily why she's "the one"]
* ??????
[Song to get people ready for the dance]
* ??????
[The gang talks about the fate of RFR]
* Power Theme - The Front
[First song of the dance; Parker catches Travis in Waller's office]
* My World - Hutch
[Kim tells Robbie that she will be spending the summer with him]
* The Summer Sends Its Love - Sherwood
[Ray asks Lily to choose between him and River / Travis and Parker slow dance]
* One Marathon - Reverie Sound Revue
[Ray and Lily kiss; Travis says goodbye]

Voice Of The People