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RFR Characters

Read about your fav characters here!
Lily/Shady Lane
Even the guy you love to hate River Pierce and Cougar Radio's own Kim Carlisle!

Lily Randall
The smart funny and creative d.j also known as Shady Lane.
As Travis said She's a old soul with a rock and roll attitude she can say more in one song then anyone can say in a entire lifetime!
She had love triangle's the size of Texas but in the end found out the Ray was her one true love and her first call!!!
Robbie McGrath
Also known as Question Mark is smart, sensitive and in love with RFR's #1 enemy... Thats right you guessed it Kim Carlisle! He is always searching for something more the story behind the story.
Travis said that life made his world big but Robbie made it small!!!!!
River Pierce
This is the guy we all love to hate. He took over for Kim when she left for Paris and then started going out with RFR's own Lily Randall although it seemed like true love in the end she realized he just wasn't her first call!!!
Sorry River

Ray Brennen
Also known as Pronto is smart funny sensitive and very handsome this d.j is well known for his "best of both worlds" and instant come backs and for answering his phone "it's go time" he has been hoplessly in love with Lily Randall for years! He won Lily's heart in the final episode (who says that a swish wish dosen't come true?) He is a true freature that's a friend and a teacher! Ray i hope you fix all the stuff stuck in your crawl!!!!   
Travis Strong
This d.j is unlike anyother Travis also known as Smog has been all over the world and could quote anything that Buddha said he's mystious and mostly talks in riddles but i guess that's why Parker loves him so much! He always knows what to say allthough he sometimes doesn't say it! Even though he's been all over the world i think you would agree that his heart stayed in Rosoce!
This out of control base/keyboard player in No Mans land tripped and fell in love with Travis Strong although they are totally different and the exact oppisite they fit together like a puzzle!!! She's known for Lie to me and Truth or Truth which kinda brought her and Travis together!
Cool Beans!

Kim Carlisle
She's The control freak of RFR's #1 enemy Cougar Radio she's very into her work and usally doesn't like to be bothered unless it's about Robbie McGrath their secret love affair lasted just up to the point when she left for Paris and just as Robbie was getting over her she re-appears on the final epsiode as wild as can be!!!  

Voice Of The People