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RFR Quotes

Read all of the RFR quotes here from the first episode all the way down to the sad finally!!!

Lily Randall: [singing] Its hard to pick just one guy, when any one can make my day... but this girl's gotta make a decision... so the guy I pick is...
Lily Randall: This isnt working
Lily Randall: [singing] Its hard to pick just one guy... When all that I have is... only one heart to give... So Im giving it all to Tra... UHHh I dont know

Lily Randall: Audrey as if, Ray's one of my best friends; so of course I think he's funny, sweet and the way his hair curls over his ear... grrr... your right I do like him.
Audrey: don't tell me, tell Ray

Robert 'Robbie' McGrath: I like your mustard shirt Ray... It matches your gravy pants

Travis Strong: [on his kiss with Lily] Ray It Didn't mean anything.
Raymond 'Ray' Brennan: Oh, Don't say that. Don't say that it didn't mean anything. Listen to me. If you thought about her everyday or if you memorized her laugh or if you once calculated how many seconds she's been alive! Maybe I could get how you could do this to me. But can you do it and say it meant nothing?

Robert 'Robbie' McGrath: You like the drummer dude?
Lily Randall: Yah, whats not to like?
Robert 'Robbie' McGrath: Well for starters his name is The Drummer Dude

[Ray and Travis are caught by Principal Waller for using walkie talkies... Robbie uses his to talk to them]
Robert 'Robbie' McGrath: Fireant in da house! Wombat, Cobra?
Principal Waller: Better yet, scorpian.
Raymond 'Ray' Brennan: [to Principal Waller] Can you tell him I don't wanna be wombat anymore?
Robert 'Robbie' McGrath: Scorpian? What's with the name change? And your Waller impression still is
[walks over and sees them]
Robert 'Robbie' McGrath: Waller.

[Ray's trying to copy Lilys test]
Lily Randall: Ray their not grading us on this
Raymond 'Ray' Brennan: Sorry reflex

Principal Waller: I would, but frankly the girl scares people.

Audrey: [Drawing a picture of the lunch lady] Do you like it?
Raymond 'Ray' Brennan: Yeah, it's so real I could smell the tuna surprise.

Lily Randall: [looking at her Cd Cover] Finally a good picture of me.
Travis Strong: Are you kidding? I've never seen a bad picture of you.
Lily Randall: That's 'cause you're not looking at me flaws. My arms are to skinny, my nose looks weird...
Travis Strong: Lily you're gorgeous.

Kim Carlisle: I think we have real chemistry
Robert 'Robbie' McGrath: Professional or personal?
Kim Carlisle: Is there a diffrence?

Travis Strong: What? Do you own Lily? Is she your personal property or something? Look I know your mad but it's not my fault that you never acted on your feelings!

Lily Randall: This is Radio Free Roscoe... your one watt flamethrower of TRUTH!

Lily Randall: What's a two-point conversion?
Travis Strong: I don't know, my family's not that religious...

Ray-How was the dance?
Lily-Well there i was dancing with the most popular guy in school and he's staring into my eye's and all i could think was.....
Ray-Is he looking at me or his own reflection?
Lily-No all i could think was i can't wait to tell Ray we got the mall tour. So i broke up with river
Lily-Becuase that's when it hit me your my first call you've always been my first call even since i was old enough to use the phone you've been my first call sometimes things feel like they haven't even happened yet unless I've called and told you!
Ray-Well if i'm your first call then who are you gonna call first about this?  
Ray: What do you mean she's not coming?
Travis: The entire time you're here, you'll notice she's not.
Ray: What do you have that I don't?
Robbie: My head is swimming with punchlines.
Travis: Long distance relationships don't work. Any day, one of you'll meet a real person and the next message will start 'we have to talk.' And trust me, no one has ever said anything good after 'we have to talk.'
Ray: This is war! (storms away, then comes back) Guys this would have been a lot more effective if you would've come with me.
Ray: What's a matter with you, Travis? We just ate pancakes on Kim's grave.
Travis: Sure, I just have one question: who was your reliable source?
Ray: Hey you're not going to kill my buzz. The pancakes are hot, her grave is cold, and I'm pouring the syrup.
Kim: I didn't do that.
PW: Right and I'd look good with a belly button ring.
Travis: Technically, she has the hots for Question Mark.
Ray: Technically, you're a pessimistic freak, but nobody's pointing that out.
Travis: I prefer realistic freak.
Question Mark: I'm Question Mark and I'm wondering what would be on the soundtrack of your life?

Ray: Mou, Lily. That's 'me' and 'you', the best of both worlds.

Ray (to Travis): Were you sent to this planet to annoy me?

Travis: Did you know the word 'fan' is derived from the word 'fanatic'?
Ray: Did you know the word 'Travis' is derived from the word 'banjo-head'?

Travis: There's this old Chinese saying that goes 'Beware treading on the tail of a tiger.'
Robbie: Do Chinese people even know what that means?
Travis: It just means don't force it.

Ray: It's my problem Strong. Besides, I already owe you one.
Travis: You're keeping score? Haven't I taught you anything?

Travis (to Ray while painfully gripping Ray's shoulder): Haven't I told you before don't ever, ever call me 'Swami'?

Robbie: You like the drummer dude?

Principal Waller (to Travis): You're the new mascot.
Travis: No, Principal Waller give me a detention, suspension, put me in the hole, anything but this.

Kim (to Ray): I have no idea what you were saying, but it sounded good.
Robbie: He gets that a lot.

?: I'm Question Mark and I'm wondering if libraries can charge late fees, why can't we? If teachers can take off half a mark for being late handing something in, can't we add half a mark if she's late handing it back?

Ray: Don't be modest. Sometimes all anyone needs is a break to become a star.

Ray: And I got some kind of tea that looks like dirt for Travis.

Ray: ...being a somebody makes you a nobody if you can't tell it like it is.

Ray: That Travis is to comedy as Buddha is to... well, comedy.

Ray: You suck out loud.
Travis: This is how you all feel? Why didn't you tell me?
Lily: We didn't want to hurt your feelings.
Travis: But pain is good. The first noble rule of Buddhism is that all life is suffering. Besides, I'm just ahead of my time.
Ray: Yeah, light years ahead.

Robbie: So what you're telling me is that everyone at school thinks I'm some uptight do-gooder?
Ray: No, no, half the school doesn't know you exist.

Ray: Oh, by the way, fuscha valour: don't wear 'em, you get picked last.

Lily: Don't get too close to Ray; he's the Vortex of Doom.

Travis: And the trous are fly.
Robbie: Thanks master T.

Robbie: Coast!
Lily: I don't know what that means.
Robbie: Neither do I; just made it up.

Lily: Let me guess you want to teach him one of your life-lessons.
Travis: Yes. This is an opportunity for Ray to grow. He has to realize he is responsible for what happens, not Darryl.
Lily: Whatever Dad.

Robbie: I'd be in trouble if I wasn't true to myself.

Ray: Kim Carlisle's name shouldn't be mentioned where people eat. I can't finish this.
Travis (looking at Ray's cereal box): You already did.

Ray: You guys are producing a single? Do you need like a roadie or security? I've always wanted one of those shirts that say 'staff'. OH, I know! I could sing back up.
Lily: Uh Robbie, could you remove him?

Travis: No gem can be polished without a little friction.

Ray: It's like Wolfe said 'fields are won by he who believes... in that he has already won.'
Travis: I think the Thomas Wolfe quotation you were looking for was 'fields are won by those who believe in the winning.'
Ray: No, actually that was Jim Wolf, Tom's younger brother. Surprized you didn't know that.

Ray: And Lily, I see how you come to life when Travis is around.

Ray: So I'm completely out of my mind?-- don't answer that.

Kim: Yo and Hello, this is Kim Carlisle, the voice of Roscoe High. Your voice of course.
Travis (secretly broadcasting): Will not be heard. Cougar Radio is the voice of the administration. It has total control over what goes on the air and wants to have total control over you. I say tune it out and listen to something different: yourself. Unless you want to be the same as everybody else, than Cougar Radio is for you.
Robbie: But now that I'm in the door, I can do the things I want.
Travis: And time is a linear function, independent of space.
Robbie: Where are you from anyway?
Ray: Just because we are on the verge of radio stardom, doesn't mean I can't be nice to the little people.
Robbie: Ray?
Ray: Yeah?
Robbie: We are the little people.
Ed: Listening to a chiwhawha being sucked through a straw would be better than listening to Cougar Radio.
Lily (to Ray, about Travis): Considering that this is his equipment and he's doing this all on his own time, and you can't operate an electric can opener, put a sock in it, okay?

Ray: I bought in to this whole Peter Parker/Spider-man trip because a) I have deep personal problems, and b) because who doesn't want to be Spider-man, right? But here's the thing, yesterday we weren't Spider-man, we were just a bunch of wimpy Peter Parkers.
Travis: By day, he's Peter Parker, but by night... he's Peter Parker.

Travis: What's the point of having a cover, if all you're going to do is hide behind it?

? : If you don't know where you're going either, take us along for the ride. You can drive. We'll bring the snacks.

Ray: You were watching me stare at her? I feel so violated.

Robbie (to Travis): So Mr. Sissy, what'd ya say? Wanna get in on this? I'll let you make the first call.
Travis: Sorry, Mr. Sissy doesn't respond to peer presure.
Robbie: That's okay. Didn't think you had it in you.
Travis: Give me the ball.

Ray: How could a guy named Strong not want to arm wrestle? That's like Tom Cruise not wanting to go... sailing.

Travis: The more you want something, the less attainable it becomes.

Travis: It gave me a sugar rush.

Ray (imitating Lily's old answering machine message): 'Please leave a message after the tone and have a nice day. Thank you. Lily, what button do I push? Lily, Lily, what button do I push?'

Travis: What would your dad do if you picked up the phone and said 'yo'?
Ray: He'd say something like 'yo dead, mister.'

Ray: And then we fashioned primitive nunchucks from silverware and battled to the death right there at the table.
Robbie: It was both savage and beautiful.

Travis (refering to Lily's new answering machine message): It sounded like a midnight train to nowhere --I mean that in a good way!

Travis: But sometimes there's such a thing as too much freedom.
Lily: What? That's like saying there's too much air.
Travis: There is too much air, if you're a fish.

Lily: Kim makes me so mad, I'd like to write a song about her. Oh, that's right. I can't- I don't have an amp!

Ray (about Lily): She's beautiful when she's ampless.

Robbie: Easy as 1, 2, 9.

Travis: Buddhism is against the collecting of all material objects.
Ray: Then who buys all those little Buddha statues?

Lily (reading bottom of small vase): Made in occupied Japan.
Travis: What? How'd I miss that?
Ray: Maybe you were *ahem* pre-occupied.

Lily: Like my mom always says 'Focus on the good, not on the bad, and make that cheque out to one Lily Randall!' ...Okay, those weren't her exact words.

Travis: Sometimes when we desire something it's hard to know whether we want it because we need it or because it suddenly became possible to attain.

Lily: Is it mushy in here or is it just me?

PW: This is a hallway people, not a petting zoo.

Smog (referring to the Truth Master 2000): Don't delay, they're going fast.
Pronto (as the TM 2000): We haven't sold a single one yet.
Smog: This product is not sold in stores.
Pronto (as the TM 2000): No stores were willing to carry it.
Smog: Void were prohibited.
Pronto (as the TM 2000): Even I don't know what that means.

Lily: Travis you can't stay in there forever.
Travis: Then I'll have to go to plan B and dig my way out.

Ray: Why do I think this isn't about doughnut crumbs on my chin?

Lily (seeing Ray about to punch Travis): Ray don't.
Travis: Do it.
Ray (relenting): See ya later, Swami.

PW (to Kim): It's that smile of yours; it seems so innocent but it's deadly like a Venus Flytrap.

Ray (to Lily): We've known each other forever and you've never hurt anyone on purpose... though I am giving you the benefit of the doubt for that pinata incident.

Question Mark (wondering about love): Why do we continue to try to express the unexpressable? Maybe it is because we live with the hope that no matter how feeble our attempts, the message will still get across.
Ray: Why do you always have to punch me?
Lily: Ray, I don't always have to punch you. Only when you say something stupid.
Ray: Which is always! (thinks for a second) No, that didn't come out right.
Robbie (to Kim): Your world is so much bigger than mine and I can’t stop you from exploring it.
Parker: You know my grandma once said to me 'it's harder to watch others move on when you're standing still.'
Lily: Wow. Your grandma said that?
Parker: Yeah, she was talking about her walker at the time, but I still think it's a good point.
Travis: It only takes one person to start a revolutuion. Look at what Che Guevarra did for Cuba.
Robbie: Yeah, or what Jackie Robinson did for baseball.
Ray: Or what the 3 Stooges did for eye-gouging.

PW: I can yodel, people. Don't make me prove it.

Ray: Oh man, if politics is this rowdy, I'm signing up as coach.
Travis: You mean campaign manager.
Ray: Yeah, whatever, the guy with the whistle.

Ray: Just think, when Lily becomes President, I'll be her first lady. HA!

Paige (Ray's Date): Sometimes my dad's so embarrassing he calls me Pumpkin.
Ray: Is that because you have a big head? I.. I.. I meant that in a good way.

Lily: And by the way, if you call me again, I will tell everyone you played with a doll until you were six.
Robbie: It was a female action figure.
Lily: With a dream house? Please.

Ray: I gotta go do some studying. (after noticing the stunned looks) Fine. I just wanna watch wrestling.

Ray (to Travis): Listen, in an action movie this is the part where the hero-- that's you-- leaves the others-- that's us-- goes on his own-- again, that's you. I believe you can make it. Go for it, man. (After watching Travis go to leave the room) Ten bucks says he doesn't make it out the front door.

Robbie: What happened?
Travis: Ray and Lily happened.

Robbie: So if you were Lily or Ray, where would you look for duct tape?
Travis: If I were Ray, probably some place called the Duct Tape Store.

Travis: The first step to changing a mind, is getting its attention.

Miss C: Don't mind Pronto. Once again his lips are moving, but his brain's taken the day off.

Ray: I don't understand you. I'm afraid I don't speak crazy-talk!

Ray(about Audrey): Now why is it she no longer has the hots for you? Oh yeah, that's right, you blew her off because you were afraid she'd think you were a freak.
Travis: I prefer weirdo. (makes a decision) Time to stop being afraid. (confidently strides away to talk to Audrey)
Ray: Well, that wasn't very satisfying.

Travis (to self): What do normal people talk about?

Ray: You know, I leave you alone for one day and you go over to the freak side.

Ray: Once you call an alien 'bro,' you can't go back to normal.

Ray: So, how do you fly this thing?

Lily: Oh no, Robbie's breaking up with us.
Ray: It's not you, it's me.

Ray: Let's do 'mo-nner'. That's a movie and dinner.

Ed & Ted: The police estimate a crowd of over 20,000
Smog: How many people are really there?
Ed & Ted: Five, but we're expecting another 19, 995.

Lily: Why is it every time she says 'rocks' I want to throw one at her?

Travis: ... my favourite scientist was Descartes because he did his best work after a big sleep-in, never, ever woke up before 11.

Travis: Forget about it, Lily. Fools rush into love, but it doesn't last.

Lily:How many muscles to bite your perky, little head off?

Ray: Like seeing your dad in low rider jeans and a muscle shirt

Pronto: I was repulsed, but somehow I couldn't look away.
?: Kind of how I feel watching you dance.

PW: You are truly frightening, Kim.

Shady Lane: Wow, did you go to Evil School or something? I heard it existed, but I could never get my hands on the course calendar.

Ray: So when do I get to ride your bike?
Robbie: When I get a car

Ray: And don't be too funny 'cause I'm the funny guy. You're the moody loner with an axe to grind. This is no time for crossover-appeal.

PW: There is nothing brave about sitting in the back of the class and being rude.

Lily: Tell you what, if you promise to never do that groundhog face ever again, I'll even help you out.

Ray: History isn't just about telling the winner's side of the story.

PW: I'm going to tell you a little story, a story about another angry young man. Deep down just wanted to be accepted for who he was, find friends he could trust.
Travis: And let me guess, and when he did, he started living up to his full potential. And that young man's name was Danny Waller.
PW: No, actually it was Derek Neefer who's serving 10-20 for mail fraud.

PW (to self): Danny, you made a difference.

Robbie: Promise me one thing, okay? No matter what happens, you'll never forget me or Roscoe.
Kim: *smiling* Never gonna happen, McGrath.
(Robbie and Kim kiss, her father's car honks)
Kim: That'll be my dad. I gotta go. *walks away*
Robbie: Kim, one question.
(Kim turns around)
Robbie: If I had have asked you to stay, what would you have said?
Kim: I dunno. I guess that's why I'm kinda glad you didn't ask me. We'll both share midnight walk on the (?), I swear. Paris is only an airplane ride away. Bye. *walks away*
Robbie: But a whole world apart.

Kim: To all you few, lonely ex-RFR listeners, your ultimate voice may be gone but--
Smog: But that doesn't mean we should forget about Radio Free Roscoe. It was our voice when no one else would listen to us. It was about taking chances, and doing what we believe in. It was about being free.

Smog: Don't just let things happen; make them happen. Like RFR, the true voice of Roscoe High.

Smog: Did you know 'ow' trencends language? It's the universal expression for pain.
Pronto: Oh yeah, well, what's the universal expression for 'who cares'?

Travis: Buddha says 'you must lose your way to find your way.'

Voice Of The People